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Rail Fence

Posted in /Fabric_Projects/Quilts on Saturday, July 15, 2017

This is not a hard quilt pattern to make. The Rail Fence is a classic pattern with many variations and many websites with free patterns.

Allie & Jay's Wedding Quilt

Allie & Jay's wedding was one I will not forget nor will I forget how much I fell in love with this quilt. I was sure/hoped Allie would hate it and as such I would get to keep it! Selfish I know but when you're making a king size quilt you have to love it or it will kill you.

The quilt was a relatively easy pattern but I always make things a little harder than they need to be. With this quilt it amounted to using fabric that had a gradient. I struggled to make the pattern fit with a varying colour throughout a single strip of fabric. Thankfully it finally came together.

After the struggle of the topper came the struggle of the quilting

  • This was my first king sized quilt...who knew that my sewing machine could fit such a huge roll of quilt through the arm? There were times that I certainly didn't think it was going to work.
  • All in all I think the quilted finished product turned out wonderful!
  • I even made and quilted the matching pillow shams

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