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Disappearing Nine Patch

Posted in /Fabric_Projects/Quilts on Saturday, July 15, 2017

When I found out that I had two nieces due within months of each other my brain went into over drive with quilt ideas. Unfortunately I did not have the time to make two different elaborate quilts as I wanted because of teaching and taking university courses.

I had seen Disappearing 9 patch quilts before but did not know what they were called only that they were very eye catching. While looking for quilt patterns for my two nieces I stumbled upon this YouTube video, which changed the course of my summer!

I ended up making the same quilt but different?

  • The colours for the two quilts are very different but the pattern is exactly the same.
  • The name Lilah is derived from the word Lilac and was chosen for her because she has a heart defect which leaves her (at times) looking a little lilac. Well I couldn't pass up the opportunity to use lilac colours in her quilt, especially since one of those fabrics was in her parents wedding quilt.
  • As soon as I heard that Allie & Jay were going to name their daughter Lily I knew I had fabric in my stash for her! The quilt came together with fabric from Keepsake Quilting line of Batiks that my Mom orders for me (this is a dangerous purchase, so much beautiful fabric, so little time).

All in all these quilts only took about 50 hours each start to finish

Ultimately to make the quilts appear different I chose not to put a border on Lilah's. Everything I tried with it just didn't do it justice.

The two original quilts are backed with flannel baby foot printed fabric. I've started using minky fabric on the back of the more recent ones, its just so soft I cannot say no to using it for babies!

Lilah's quilt

Lily's quilt

As it turned out this quickly became my favourite baby quilt pattern so I've now made them for a few more?

Charlotte's quilt

Dylan's quilt

Matilda's quilt

Multi use

I even turned it into a nursing cover that could be used as a belly time blaket.

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