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Finished Quilts

Posted in /Fabric_Projects/Quilts on Sunday, July 23, 2017

Here are my finished quilts

My first quilt

This picture was taken at Golden Brook Elementary School in Windham, NH. The town has an annual craft show that students could enter their projects to be judged. I believe that is a second place ribbon next to the quilt.I was probably around 8 years old in the picture (estimate is based on the length of my bangs, wow I don't miss those).

Sampler quilt

This was my first quilt as an adult

9 Patch quilt

I made this quilt for Greg & Cassy's Wedding

|!/static/Fabric_Projects/Quilts/9_Patch_Quilt_02.jpg 320×240!

Trip around the World

This quilt once hung on our wall but it is now on the back of a couch keeping us warm while we watch movies.

Rail Fence

I made this quilt for Allie & Jay's Wedding

Woven Ribbons

This is our spring and summer quilt

Pin wheel quilt

I made this quilt for my niece Abby

Half Square Triangle Quilt

This is our winter duvet cover. It was also way more work than I anticipated! It took me a few years to think about doing anything with triangles again.

Disappearing 9 Patch

This is probably my favorite baby quilt. I've made it for my nieces Lilah, Lily and Charlotte and nephew Dylan. I've also made this for a good friend's baby Matilda.

Lilah's quilt

Lily's quilt

Charlotte's quilt

Dylan's quilt

Matilda's quilt

4 square diagonal quilt

I made this quilt for my niece Mary Jane. This quilt took a lot of calculations and squaring to make straight.

9 patch snowball quilt

This is a quilt for my nephew Tyrus.

Boxtrot quilt

My roommate was using an old beat up comforter on his bed. He would never say that he needed a new quilt but I decided that it was a need.

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