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Sampler Quilt

Posted in /Fabric_Projects/Quilts on Saturday, July 15, 2017

This was my first quilt as an adult. Sampler quilts can come in any shape and size. They are great for those just learning how to quilt and those who are more experienced.

I learned a lot from this quilt, especially since my teacher wanted perfection...which means a lot of stitch ripping!
This is the finished quilt but each block felt like a quilt unto itself.

Whirling Geese Block

Tulip Block

Sukies Choice Block

Log Cabin Block

Sawtooth Star with applique Heart Block

Double Pinwheel Block

Maple Leaf (Sometimes called the bear paw) Block

Friendship Star Block

Four Patch Squares Block

Churn Dash Block

Trailing Tulips Applique Block

Honey Beez Block

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